Divorce Rate Statistics

According to divorce rate statistics. following decades of bouncing up and down, incidences of divorce may be on a downward trend.

In 2005, the divorce rate was 3.5% or less than 4 out of every 1000 people. That was the lowest divorce rate since 1970 when the divorce rate was also 3.5%. From 1970 to the current day, the divorce rate has bounced between the 4% and 5.3% rate, a fairly steady range.

Although, this is certainly good news, it is offset by divorce rate statistics that show that over 40% of all Americans marriages will end in divorce – with the trend line on the upswing. Among first marriages, 43% end in divorce or separation sometime in the first 15 years.


When a couple are married, the future seems limitless. The two of you know that you will be together forever. But forever is a long time and the cold hard reality may be that men and women simply aren’t meant to mate and stay together forever.

If we go back to 1994, we can rank the states by divorce rates. That bastion of liberal education, Massachusetts, had a shocking low divorce rate of 2.4 per thousand. While in Nevada, where people seemed to really enjoy gambling on their marriages, the divorce rate per thousand was a high of 9. The second lowest was Connecticut, which honestly I would have expected to be first. Connecticut’s divorce rate was only 2.8 per thousand.

Once a person reaches age 60 the chances of divorce drops drastically, regardless of when they were married. By the time a person reaches 60, he or she should have a good idea of what they want. Conversely, for any given year, if a woman married before her 20th birthday, the odds of her getting a divorce is 27.6%. Young men tend to be more mature. If a young man married before his 20th birthday, the chances of him getting a divorce are only 11.7%.

So what are the common causes of divorce? It’s hard to say because, well, people lie. Sometimes it’s the strange laws of the state that practically force a couple to lie in order for them to get a legal divorce. And sometimes, it’s just embarrassment on the parties themselves that cover the real reason for the divorce. But the top honors seem to go to – in no particular order – infidelity or lack of commitment, financial strains, abusive partners, incompatibility, emotional withdrawal, sexual problems, mental instability, and emotional immaturity.

In a sense, although divorce is regrettable, it’s not entirely bad. There was a time in our country where once a couple was married, there was such a stigma to separation or divorce that the partners were literally forced to live with each other sometimes while in a constant state of battle. The divorce rate simply shows how difficult it is for humans who have such vast differences in personalities, lifestyles, intelligence, and so on – to find their perfect soul mate.


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 Divorce Rate Statistics

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