Free Divorce Records

Free divorce records are available from the various state agencies across the U.S. simply by virtue of divorce records being public documents. All public documents are available to basically anyone who wants a look at them. In fact, you’ll even be able to find divorce records for military personnel as long as they were married in the states. If you visit their courthouse, most state or county agencies will provide you free access to the divorce records contained in their database. With the monetary constraints of many local governments, however, many agencies have been forced to start charging fees for access to their databases. Usually, however, the fee is nominal.


But even if you can’t visit their courthouse, you’ll find the divorce records database of many states online. Again, many of these databases you can access freely, but more and more are beginning to charge money. One good central location for accessing divorce databases online is They have links to all 50 states.

Another great resource is divorce_all_states.htm.  You simply enter in the first name, last name, and state. In seconds the website will come back with a list of possible matches. You can then click on the “Details” link to get further information. You can also get a full background check on the person from this website including – criminal checks, sex offender checks, small claims and judgements and much more. But that information will cause you money – approximately $40.

The typical divorce related information that you’ll find in these reports are who initiated the divorce, when it was filed, when it was finalized, and sometimes, the reason for the divorce filing. The divorce databases online are the same databases that government officials and private detectives use when they are collecting information on someone. Even though, in most states, divorce records are freely accessible, different states do have different requisites for accessing divorce records so if you’re having trouble accessing information online it would be a good idea to call someone at the state office and ask about procedures.


If the person has had multiple divorces, tracking down divorce records can be quite time consuming. In tough cases like this you’ll probably need more than just their name, address, and marriage state. You’ll probably need their social security number as well. You will be able to find the information without the social security number, it will simply take longer – sometimes much longer.Going through divorce databases can sometimes be a trying experience. But, if you do not have the patience or the time to look up the divorce information, there are plenty of people you can hire to do the grunt work for you.

Finalizing Divorce and Getting the Divorce Decree
In a way, finalizing divorce and getting the divorce decree brings a hard realization of the fact the the divorce is really final. It’s a time for both apprehension and relief.


 Free Divorce Records

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